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An extremely small batch of these limited edition hardcovers will be available, so grab yours before they are gone.


*This title is available for pre-order only. Your order will be shipped no later than May 14th, the day of the book release*


$1 from each book sale will be donated to Our House. Our House is a grief support center that directly helps grieving children, teens and adults find understanding, support, and connection in a safe, warm and nurturing environment.


About the book:


How many times have you returned from a life-changing trip only to leave novelty keychains and unsent postcards in your suitcase until the next adventure? Suddenly your carry-on is so full that you’ve got to use your expansion zipper to cram an extra seventeen pairs of underwear for your 3-day cruise. In the same way that we let souvenirs from our last trip take up valuable space in our bag, we rehash our past and let it keep us from our most basic human need—to give love and be loved. 


Join Andi as she bravely faces her past and warmly invites us to step out of our narratives and into our most authentic selves. 


Love, Unpacked is a raw, inspirational memoir of one woman's journey through loss, pain, and the struggle for self-acceptance. With unflinching honesty, wry humor, and a sprinkle of swear words, Andi Franklin unpacks her stories, confronts her past, and finds her way to unconditional love.