How To Throw The Perfect Bachelorette Party


The key to throwing a good party is pretty simple: Know your audience.

It’s the same as writing a good piece or creating a graphic tee. And if there’s one thing I excel at, it’s knowing my audiences.

My cousin is getting married (yay!) and we had her bachelorette party last weekend. She really wanted to do a Disney weekend, so that’s exactly what we did. Since all of the ladies were coming from out of town and I live local, I took the reigns on decorations. It’s a good thing too, because their 4 hour trip turned into a 7 hour one thanks to unforeseen traffic incidents.

I started with some custom invitations for all of the girls. Yes, we knew exactly who was going already, but I wanted to give my cousin a physical invite to put in her keepsakes.

How To Throw The Perfect Bachelorette Party

I almost gave up sending them at one point because FedEx was literally having the hardest time getting the print size right. The first time, they were printed in little pocket size. The second, 8 x11, and finally on the third time after spending 45 minutes talking to the employee, they came out just right.

In keeping the theme of the invites alive, I decided to use the same color scheme for the decor and favors.

I loved the idea of a “hangover kit”, so I got to work. I’m obsessed with small businesses, so I scanned Etsy until I found the perfect bags and drink koozies.

How To Throw The Perfect Bachelorette Party

How To Throw The Perfect Bachelorette Party

Future Mrs. & Cheers Bitches Koozies: $5.50 each from KeepLifeSimpleDesign

I Regret Nothing Hangover Bags: $2 each from becollective

I filled the bags with some mouthwash, Advil, and make-up remover wipes from the travel toiletry section in Target. I also included individual sleeves of Ritz crackers, a Voss water bottle, and a mini champagne bottle for each lady. (Also all purchased at the mothership aka Target).

How To Throw The Perfect Bachelorette Party

This $20.00 banner from EverythingSheWantsTo was my absolute favorite find. I couldn’t stop laughing as I was hanging it and watching each girl notice it and crack up was the greatest. This is what it looks like up close and personal. Seriously, the best.


(Image from their Etsy page, EverythingSheWantsTo)

I also got some gold glitter penis cupcake toppers from them, because they were just too perfect.

How To Throw The Perfect Bachelorette Party

Penis Cupcake Toppers: $7.00 for a pack of 12 from EverythingSheWantsTo

Then I grabbed some balloons and giant gold confetti from Party City to add to the decor and voila!

How To Throw The Perfect Bachelorette Party

How To Throw The Perfect Bachelorette Party

Add an awesome group of women, and this was the perfect Bachelorette weekend!

Everyone single one of us were on the same page: Make sure the bride gets to do everything she wants and make sure her wallet stays in her purse at all times. The truth of the matter is, all of the decorations were super awesome and cute, but the formula for a perfect Bachelorette party is a group of women who all love and care about the bride-to-be. Some of the best moments of the weekend involved us hanging out in the hotel room in bathrobes. Seeing these lovely women my cousin has chosen as her friends, and how much they love her, was the absolute best.

How To Throw The Perfect Bachelorette Party

(Our awesome shirts were made by the two ladies I’m sandwiched between). 

How To Throw The Perfect Bachelorette Party

Have you ever thrown a Bachelorette Party before? What was your favorite aspect of it? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!


Free Father’s Day Printables

Father's Day Printables

Cards are expensive. It blows my mind when I walk out of a store with over $20 worth of paper that will most likely end up in my recycle pile within a week. That’s why this year, I decided to create my own for Father’s Day. And because I love you guys, I decided to share them for FREE!IMG_9905IMG_9906

You Are the World’s Worst Laundry Folder: Download it Here


LET’S BE REAL: Download it Here

IMG_9903 (1)

MOM SAYS: Download it Here



And of course, a sweet one because I couldn’t make them all ridiculous.

Dad card


And there you have it, folks! Hope you enjoy.

If you haven’t already, go check out my post at THEBELLAMOM that went live today. It’s all about my recent struggle with postpartum depression, and I’m incredibly proud to have this piece out their in the universe! (You can read it here)



DIY “UP” Inspired Honeymoon Jar

DIY Up Inspired Honeymoon Jar

DIY has never been easier (or cuter!) with the “UP” inspired Honeymoon jar.

One of my favorite people on this planet is getting married in August, and I’m fortunate enough to get to stand up there with her while she takes her vows.

She’s a huge Disney fan, but it goes even deeper than most people’s love of churros and taking photos in mouse ears— Disneyland has been a safe haven for her since she was very young, and it holds a special place in her heart. So naturally, she wanted to find ways to gently nod to her love of all things Walt, without her wedding being something straight out of fantasyland.

She came up with the idea to do an “UP” inspired honeymoon jar, and wanted to recreate Carl and Ellie’s Paradise Falls jar, which is basically the cutest idea ever. So, I practically begged her to let me do it for her, and she said yes.

First thing was to find the jar— so much harder than I anticipated. Seriously, they do not make that exact style jar anymore. After searching everywhere, I finally found one at Michaels that wasn’t exact, but good enough for this remake.

Next step was to write “Paradise Falls”. Okay— if you’re thinking I’m ridiculous for writing an entire blog post tutorial for this simple craft, I don’t blame you. And if I had just slapped a handwritten piece of paper on a jug then I would agree with you. But I’m a bit of a perfectionist, and so it was really important to me that I was able to recreate the jar as close to the original as possible.

I quickly found out that nobody else on the internet had cracked the code on how to get the perfect “Paradise Falls” font either, so I got creative.

I pulled up an image of the jar from a still frame shot and downloaded it to my computer. From there, I opened it in my Adobe Illustrator, and blew it up to the size I needed. Then I turned the brightness on my computer up, placed my card stock over the screen, and traced the wording carefully. After, I went over the tracing with a fine marker.

DIY Paradise Falls Honeymoon Jar

I then went back and traced the size of the “paper” of the piece of paper on the picture, so that mine would be scaled correctly. From there, I simply cut it out and BAM! DIY goodness.

I was insanely pumped to cross this project off of my list of things to do, but I could not for the life of me find any freezer tape— which is the only tape that would do for this. So, I bugged Derek until he decided to let us run over to Michaels and grab some. I cut off four pieces and sized them down, and then I used a glue stick to give them an extra hold on the jar.

DIY Up Inspired Honeymoon Jar


And there you have it! It was the most complicated, easy craft of my life and I love it so much. Total cost: Under $15  for the perfect honeymoon wedding jar!

DIY Paradise Falls Honeymoon Jar


Twenty-Wine Birthday Party

Derek's Twenty-Wine Party

Remember when I said I wasn’t going to let the last birthday of my husband’s twenties just sneak on by? Well, I was serious.

It’s been a while since we’ve hosted a party at our house (read: we have two small children) and we recently redid our deck in the backyard (blog post coming, probably never)— so I decided to throw a little shindig.

I have a disease where I can’t do anything without a theme, so this one was Derek’s “Twenty-Wine” — I cleverly catchphrased the event saying, “watch him whine, wine, and turn 29.” I know guys, I know. Hire me now.

For our wine tasting party, I thought it would be really fun for everyone to have their own custom wine glass to drink from. So I went and got some from the dollar store and hopped on Pinterest for a way to customize. I found this tutorial for chalkboard paint bottoms and it looked easy, so I bought the paint and got to work.

Chalkboard wine glasses

Um, hi— not easy and also, way more time consuming than I anticipated. You would think that dipping something into paint isn’t rocket science, but after my attempts I’m convinced that it actually is, and I’m pretty sure the astronauts have to chalkboard paint their helmets as part of their training.

Luckily after some serious trial and error and giving myself the ugly class, I managed to get most of them to look halfway decent. Once painted, all I had to do was use the permanent chalkboard pen I already had and write the names on each one. The total project cost $15 and only two days of swearing at the glasses in frustration. I’m glad I did them though, they really added to the party and it came in handy always being able to tell who’s drink was whos.

Derek's Twenty-Wine

Next, I printed out some photos of Derek’s awesome shoot with Brenda and used dollar store frames. I also found this fantastic printable on Etsy, and snagged it because it was too perfect.

Crown Prints

Derek and I had been collecting wine bottles for days weeks, and I used them as decorations on the table as well. Then I filled the entire thing up with deliciousness.

We had salami, proccuitto, grapes, berries, crackers.

Various cheeses spread across our gorgeous custom cutting board from Timber + Main. Crostinis in dollar store plastic cups. A crazy haired toddler.

Timber + Main cutting board


Derek's Twenty-Wine Party

We also crockpotted some meatballs for a little extra substance.

I missed about 80% of the party because my mom ended up getting really sick the day of, causing my parents to have to cancel babysitting. So I spent most of the evening with them, since B kept waking up every 45 minutes or so wanting to nurse. But that was okay, because everyone had a great time— especially the birthday boy.

Derek's Twenty-Wine

I was really pleased with how the party turned out and I can’t wait until I have an excuse to throw another one!

What about you guys? Do you like throwing parties or do you prefer to just attend them? Tell me below in the comments!


No Soliciting


No Soliciting Sign

I made this sign the other day, and now every time I walk up to my front door, I laugh.

If you’re neighborhood is anything like ours, then you’ve got a serious solicitor problem.

Don’t get me wrong— I LOVE supporting people trying to make a name for themselves. And I think it takes courage to walk up to a person’s front door and look them in the eyes for a sale. But I have a serious problem with about 95% of the people selling things in my neighborhood, and they have officially ruined it for the other 5%.

I can handle the Girl Scouts, and the little league coupon books, and even the tree cutting service that feels the need to stop by monthly to see if we are ready for a trim yet.

What I can’t handle— No, what I refuse to handle, are the people who literally come to my house at 8:00pm at night. The ones who BANG on my door, in addition to ringing my doorbell. The ones who wake up my kids and act like they are being chased by a murderer with their fist pounding, only to tell me that they are from “Save The Children”, but “No, I don’t have a manual or anything with me to prove such.”

I, no joke, have had two different men from the “same organization” come to my door and begin our conversation at 8:00pm like this:

“Don’t worry, the dark man isn’t here to rob you!”


Who is in charge of their sales pitch script? Because hot damn! I wasn’t worried about you robbing me until you said it, guys.

And I’ve got to tell you, nothing is worse than when I finally get both kids down for a nap and a realtor comes knocking on the door. They don’t care that we moved in less than three years ago, they really want us to sell our home.

“You’ve got a lovely property!”

“Yes, I know. Which is why I don’t want to sell it…”

“But the market! THE MARKET!”

Have you ever experienced the chaos that is packing your car for a weekend trip with the kids? Because if you have, then you would never suggest I pack my entire house up and move with kids— that’s just insanity. No thanks, I’ll be here until these boys are old enough to move their own shit.

I wish I could take this sign around with me places, because the over-selling doesn’t stop at door to door.

We walked into an Ashley’s Furniture the other day for a couch, and the guy wrote on our paperwork that he handed his boss that we would be leaving with an $8,000 Tempur-Pedic mattress. From the moment we walked in he had decided that HE was in charge of what we left with that day, not us. He didn’t care that we had two small children with us and only wanted to browse couches. He stalked us like prey, and kept begging us to take a “quick and fun test for a $50 gift card!” We got tired of the circling, but we also felt bad for him. We aren’t naive. We understand that his job is heavily commission-based and that he is just trying to make a living. So finally, we agreed to his “quick” test. He took us over to the Tempur-Pedic and had us lay on it. He showed us all of the wonderfulness that is a Tempur-Pedic and did his best to convince us that in addition to spending $1400 on a couch, we could totally swing the $8,000 for the mattress we don’t need as well. Realizing that he wasn’t going to win us over, he got his manager involved.

She came over “to give us the $50 gift card”, looked at the paper he had been jotting on, and said, “So you’re getting a couch and a Tempur-Pedic? How would you like to pay for that?”

I’m sorry, what?

I was so turned off by the entire situation that I didn’t even want the damn gift card anymore. (But we still got it). And with that, we gave them an old phone number and left.

I’d like to note, that he literally DID NOT CARE about the couch we wanted. He gave us ZERO information about it, but a plethora of info about the damn mattress. In fact, I could probably pitch a sale to you now with all of the information he threw our way.

I think I’ll make a shirt version of my sign. That way, just maybe, I’ll be able to browse for furniture without someone trying to convince me that I really need something else.

And if you’re brave enough to ring my doorbell even after reading the sign, you’ll then be greeted by me wearing the shirt— making the entire situation that more awkward.

But seriously don’t do it. Don’t make it weird.



FREE Grocery Scavenger Hunt Printable For Kids

If you follow me on social media then you probably saw me post this mom win around Thanksgiving.

(If you don’t follow, what are you waiting for? Here’s my Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!)

Anyway, I got so much positive feedback about the idea that I decided to get crazy and make you guys a free printable so that you can try it out yourselves.

Since we all shop a little differently (read: you may not buy your weight in Boom Chicka Pop Kettle Corn like I do), I thought it would be fun to turn the list into a game instead. That way, you don’t have to bring a customized one every time you hit the store for a Redbox, frozen pizza, and pint of Ben & Jerrys.

This scavenger hunt will keep your kiddo entertained while you do your shopping. I recommend bringing a pencil or crayon along so that they can cross things off as they find them, because we all know how good it feels to cross something off your list. (I’m crossing “write printable blog post” off of my list right now!)

I also made a Vegan/non-dairy friendly version for you guys, because I love you.

You can download these FREE printables below:

Grocery Scavenger Hunt: GroceryScavengerHunt

Vegan friendly version: VeganGroceryScavengerHunt

Enjoy and let me know how it works out for you! I would love to see posts of your littles in the store with their lists. Tag me on Instagram (andifranklin)