5 Minute Olympics Craft For Kids

Happy 31st Hunger Games Olympics!

I’ll be straight with you, I’ve never been super into watching the games. But before you pick up your javelin to shove in my eye for saying that, let me just explain that it was never really a thing in my home to watch the Olympics and since it’s only once every 4 years, this will only be the second games since I’ve been a grown woman. (Read: I’m not THAT old, despite all of my tired crotchety posts that have led you to believe otherwise).

While I may have been mostly uninterested in the past, I’m actually really excited about this years games. D is just getting to the age where the idea of sports is starting to be exciting, and I think he will love watching them with us.

We decided to do a special Olympics themed workout today for our fitness class, and I decided to use it as the perfect excuse to make a quick craft for the kiddos to get involved and have some fun during the opening ceremony tonight.

All You Need is:

-Bubbles (from the $1 spot at Target)

-Colored cardstock



5 Minute Olympics Craft For Kids

I found a cute medal printable from Education.com and cut them out. Then used the twice to tie them around the bubbles.

5 Minute Olympics Craft For Kids

This will literally take you five minutes to throw together, but I guarantee the babes will have a blast with their “medals” during opening ceremony! (Especially if you let them blow some of those bubbles in the house— just saying).