Let Us Mourn

Sorry, guys. I know I said I would post printables yesterday, but I’ve just been a wreck over the shooting that happened over the weekend. I will post them tomorrow, I promise, but it didn’t feel right coming to this space and not addressing this issue first.

Picture this: You decided to go out on a Saturday night. Maybe you do every weekend, maybe you were celebrating a birthday, maybe it’s date night, maybe you were finally having a night out after a long school year or maybe your friends dragged you out for the first time in months. One minute you’re dancing and laughing, the next— running for your life. Covered in blood. Who’s? You aren’t even sure, there’s so much everywhere. Can you even fathom?

I’ve been slightly paralyzed these past few days by the news of the horrendous hate crime in Orlando. It is absolutely sickening to think that my children are growing up in a world where they could be killed so senselessly like this, just because of who they love. I am appalled at the way many people have responded to this, and the fact that we didn’t even let these families mourn the deaths of their loved ones before we shoved our theories, solutions, and political agendas on them.
All of those men and women, they had names. They had goals and dreams and families. They had mothers— my heart aches so deeply for those mothers who now have to bury their babies. Please, can we let these mothers mourn? Can we let these fathers mourn? Can we let these brothers and sisters and members of the entire LGBT community MOURN, before we flood their Facebook feeds with our opinions?
My heart breaks for the kids who are going to hide who they truly are, for fear of being literally murdered if they don’t. My heart breaks for the father who will spend his first Father’s Day, childless. My heart breaks for America— a country so incredibly desensitized to empathy and tolerance and well, my heart just breaks. And yours should too.