I could say a million things about this post but instead I will let my husband’s words do the talking.

As promised yesterday, here is Derek’s version of our love story!

The True Story


Andrea did a phenomenal job describing her story through her eyes,

But let me make some things clear through my interpretation.

The truth of the matter is I was far and away from wanting anything serious.

I had just been through one 8 months prior that ended on a bad note and had NO intentions of finding love anytime soon. I was 21 and the world was my playground.

I had just traveled through Europe for 45 days, went through several small “relationships”,

But anytime they started to get serious…I simply moved on without looking back.

I actually got my courage to try online dating through my mom after I told her I was tired of dating the same type of girls over and over.

My mom had just met her now husband and love of her life on Myspace.

(Young pups won’t get that reference)

But she had encouraged me to reach out of my bubble of ex-girlfriends/flings/the greek system and try online dating to meet new and exciting people.

My mom was wrong three times before I saw a picture what I can only describe as a moment when your heart stops and time follows.

I can remember every pixel in that picture still today. Hands perched up holding her dimpled cheeks with a beautiful smile that can brighten any room.

This is picture he is referring to :)

This is picture he is referring to 🙂

My thoughts were very similar to hers “What is she doing on here?”

Followed by “Yep I’m gonna get that.”

(not in the sexual way…Terri and Karl turn away….soooo in the sexual way)

I did make the first move by messaging her.

I remember I didn’t want to be a creeper so I started subtle.

The next day when she replied I was in shock and got straight to starting conversation.

We then traded AIM’s to which I was beyond nervous about as my douchebag roommate/best friend had made my screen name for me as an inside joke from class:


But since she didn’t run away from me then I suppose my humor had her tangled in my web.

She did ask me if we were going to meet after ONLY a week of chatting.

Again I was in no rush.

I actually had gone on a few dates where the ogres were not the girls in the pictures.


I then admittedly got a little creeper by saying we could go from my place to the restaurant (Yardhouse).

In my defense it was sooo close to my place and I wanted to be a gentleman by driving us.

She also refused for me to pick her up.

(I get that now as a parent)

I got to YardHouse early as I seem to do with anything.

She however was NOT 5 minutes late. It was closer to 19 minutes.

The best part is she didn’t tell me “Hey im running late”.

No I had to go through the blind date panic of possibly being stood up and I had to text her!

Now mind you she said she had another date planned out that night…that’s fair.

Because I had a key word setup for my friends to text me I’m late for our “thing”.

I can remember her walking up to me as if it was yesterday.

Pure joy is really all I can describe it as.

She actually looked like her pictures and again her smile brightened my heart.

I can tell you I knew this girl was the one the moment we sat down and she asked for the beer menu.

Not the daiquiri or margarita menu.

No no, the beer menu.

But then things took an immediate change when she said:

“I know you’re going to think I’m a typical girl, but I just really love salads.”

From that moment on conversation flowed with so much ease it was as if I had known her my whole life.

When the bill came for $72.00 without tip and she saw I was a generous tipper that’s when she agreed to go somewhere else.

(FYI she reached for her wallet…if she hadn’t I would “went” to the restroom”…JK)

I believe she has said several times:

“The way you treated our server I knew you were a good man.”

We then made plans to head to my favorite beer bar.

Again as she said conversation was flowing and we were getting closer and closer.

I didn’t want the night to end, but couldn’t take her to the fraternity house to party either.

So while I went in the restroom I texted my friends to meet at a local hole in the wall.

Andrea text that loser mama’s boy who lived in his parent’s basement that she couldn’t make it.

(Sorry if anyone lives in their parent’s basement is reading this. You’re not a loser you’re a winner!)

I told her I had plans at this bar and my friends were there so why not invite her friend.

We got to the local watering hole and friends started becoming friends.


She brought the boys a pitcher of beer and they made it clear she couldn’t leave my side.

I watched this girl take two shots of tequila from a stranger at the bar, give him a high five, say thank you, and leave him wondering what just happened.


We went back to my place (creeper to start not creeper to end?)

We watched Family Guy for hours while her friend passed out on the couch and we both nearly fell asleep in the comfort of each other’s presence.

After 12 straight hours of what I would now describe as recovering from the scars of love I walked her to her car.

Her friend lingered next to us until Andrea gave her the look to WALK AWAY.

And I kissed her.

It was by far the best last first kiss I could ever imagine.

We went on 3 more dates in a 7 day span.

But Andrea was right.

We were madly in love and head over heels for one another, I was simply terrified.

How could I of been so adamant to not fall in love and then SHE shows up?

She rattled everything I had worked so long for.

She instantly changed everything I had wanted (or so I thought I wanted).

I don’t believe I fell in love at first sight.

I don’t believe I was falling for her.

And I refuse to believe that it was coincidence.

Because plain and simple there is no explanation of how this magic appeared.

I can only believe it was Destiny.

The most powerful thing on earth brought us together and there was no process of love.

She was my love.

From the day the Dr. slapped our butts

We were meant to love one another.

We were meant to simply

Be in love.

Words cannot describe it Andrea.

Pages have been written and fallen short time and time again.

Our Love Story simply is Happily Ever After.

And Far Longer.