I started this blog three months after I got married and while I have made it no stranger that I love my husband I realize that I have never told our story before.

So in honor of our anniversary on Thursday Derek and I are doing a little His & Hers love story telling.

A love story is composed of two sides after all.

Her story and his story make our story.

So without further ado, here is my love tale.


Okay, Cupid


The truth of the matter is, I was hurting.

I had just found out my boyfriend at the time was cheating on me through online dating websites and so I did what any grieving lady would do:

I joined one myself called okcupid.com.

My best friend convinced me that it would help me feel better having random guys tell me I was pretty all day long and she was right.

Never-mind the fact that most of them were super-into close-up magic and bore a striking resemblance to Mr. Bean.

It helped me transition from ugly crying through every Coldplay song on the radio to a sassy Taylor Swift song so I was grateful.

I went on a few dates with a few different guys but they weren’t anything to brag about.

And then one day I had a message in my inbox from Derek.

My very first thought was,

“This guy is way too hot to be messaging me!”

His message was generic enough.

Hi, I’m Derek. What school are you planning on transferring to?

(Something along those lines).

As it turns out, my original plan was to go to CSULB which is where he was currently enrolled.

So once he heard that our conversation started rolling.

He gave me his number and I specifically remember responding similar to as follows:

“I don’t call guys but you’re welcome to call me (insert cell number here).”

He didn’t call but the next day I had a new message online from him.

“Hey, I’m not trying to be a creeper or anything but did you really give me the wrong number? I tried to call you and it didn’t work.”

Anyone who knows Derek personally can attest to the fact that normally if a girl had blown him off like that he would have just moved on, so to this day it is surprising to me that he even messaged me after the “wrong number” incident.

But the truth of the matter was, I didn’t give him the wrong number.

He put it in his phone wrong.

Once that was cleared up we began texting back and fourth.

After about a week or so of talking he still hadn’t asked me on a date and I decided I didn’t want to waste my time getting to know him online if he never actually wanted to meet in person.

So I was the one to initiate our first date.

I ever so bluntly said, “Are we ever going to meet or what?” and from their Derek took the reigns.

He wanted to meet the following Saturday but I was actually supposed to go to an ex-flings wedding that day.

I decided to politely decline the wedding invite and meet Derek instead.

Turns out that another guy I had gone on a few dates with wanted to see me that night too.

He invited my girlfriend and I to a club with bottle service and all of that good stuff.

I figured I could meet Derek at 5:00 pm for dinner and then pick up my friend after the date and head on out to Hollywood for some clubbing.

Yes, I technically scheduled two dates in one night.

No, I still have not lived that one down.

So Derek and I decided to meet at the Yardhouse in Long Beach.

I didn’t know why, but I was really nervous.

I even texted my best friend about it and we laughed because I hadn’t been nervous on any of the other dates.

There was construction on the freeway and my directions had me all over the place so I was running late.

That’s when Derek called.

“Are you seriously standing me up?!”

In my defense, I was only about 5 minutes behind but I let him know that I was almost there.

I walked inside eagerly and he came right up to me and gave me a hug.

I don’t know how to describe it, but the second he touched me I just felt like I was home.

We talked and laughed like we had known each other for years and I remember he looked so handsome under the moonlit patio.

When the bill came the reality that our date was about to be over set in.

We had already told one another that we had plans to meet up with our friends after the date so that was that.

Only it wasn’t.

Derek asked me if I wanted to go grab a beer or ice cream with him and I was elated.

So we headed on over to a bar on second street together.

Derek taught me how to play shuffleboard and still not wanting the date to end, asked me if I wanted to come to meet up with his friends with him.

I canceled my date and told my girlfriend Alwyn to get her butt out to Long Beach to meet up with us.

We ended up at a bar with three of Derek’s best friends and my best friend.

On our first date.

I bought the boys a pitcher (which is when they decided I was a keeper) and we all hung out like we had done it a thousand times before.



Alwyn and I went back to Derek’s apartment afterwards to sober up before driving home.

I found myself cuddled on the couch next to a man I had just met and I never felt more comfortable in my life.

12 hours after it started our first date finally came to a close with a kiss.

I was positive I had just met the love of my life.

Now I just had to convince him that I was his.

Lucky for me, he felt the same way and we went on three more dates that week.

Neither of us were sure that we were ready to be in another serious relationship but both of us were certain that it was worth the risk.

So we dove in head first.

We tore down each other’s walls, allowed ourselves to have the love we felt we deserved in life, and the rest is history.

I never believed that you could love someone you just met until that November night.

And I still don’t know how to describe it.

But I knew I had just met my soulmate.

And when I look back I think,

“Okay, cupid. I get it.”